Thursday, 28 September 2006

I'm back [to my future]

Saint Anton was living in the desert when a young man approached him.

"Father, I sold everything I owned, and gave the proceeds to the poor. I kept only a few things that could help me to survive out here. I would like you to show me the path to salvation."

Saint Anton asked that the man sell the few things that he had kept, and with the money to buy some meat in the city. When he returned, he was to strap the meat to his body. The young man did as he was instructed. As he was returning, he was attacked by dogs and falcons who wanted the meat.

"I'm back," said the young man, showing the father his wounded body and his shredded clothing.

"Those who embark in a new direction and want to keep a bit of the old life, end up suffering by their own past," said the saint.